While working in southern Indiana, I had the privilege of working with and getting to know a worship leader named Tyler Cockrum. Tyler is in a word, (maybe two) insanely gifted. Tyler grew up at the church we worked at, and spent the summer working as our worship intern. 

Beyond Tyler's gifting as a worship leader, he's a wonderfully gifted writer. He attends Vanguard University in California where he's studying to be a pastor, but more importantly a world changer. 

While at Vanguard, Tyler has been a part of From The Vine Music, which is a collective of worship leaders and artists who attend Vanguard. From The Vine just released their latest album, Made New and Tyler had the chance to help write, sing on, and produce the album. 

Tyler shared the album with me the day in came out, and I immediately took a listen. Wow. My heart melted as I heard these students pour out their soles through song. Super powerful moment I had in my office. 

I was drawn to a song that Tyler helped co-write and is featured on. "Nearer Thank I Know." This track has simply wrecked my heart in the last few days. For some reason I just haven't stopped listening to it. It's been playing over and over again in my head...one set of lyrics specifically...

Though my heart may wander//
And though my feet will stumble//
You are working through it all//

I just can't move past how beautiful and true and life-giving those lyrics are. So I decided to start designing something based around them. That's how I process things the best. And that turned into this. 

I'm excited to be offering this design as the latest free iPhone wallpaper from Alex Holt Design. Once you download it, you should check out the new From The Vine Music album. And you can learn more about Vanguard University as well. 

Enjoy the download!