It seems like it's been a long time since I've posted a blog. That's probably because it has been quite a while. But I'm excited to say that we're back! And we have some exciting new things to share with you. 

Over the last several months, Josh and I have been working with a handful of clients on some really exciting projects. We've been busy building relationships, and helping churches, camps, and small businesses create art that matters. It's been our busiest season yet, and we've loved every part of! 

As we head towards the end of 2014, we're excited to share some services that we'll begin offering in the coming months. I'd like to share a few of those with you now...

1. Video Production

After a lot of consideration, and an investment into new equipment, I'm really excited to start offering video production services through AHD. My background in the world of art started with video. My dad taught me how to edit on an old PC and Adobe Premier. Since then, I've always had a passion for telling great stories through video. 

And now, we want to help you tell your story in an entirely new way. From promotional videos to life stories and testimonies, animation projects and online promotion. We're here to help you create a great video that connects with your audience in an entirely new way. 

Video production services will launch October 1, and pricing will be available then.

2. Photography

While video production was my first passion, it led me to falling in love with still photography. There's something about capturing the perfect moment in a single frame. Whether it's a simple head shot, engagement photos, or an event...that perfect moment matters. And we want to help you capture it.

Our photography services will cover a large spectrum of photography needs. From head shots and staff photos for your website, to engagement photo sessions and senior pictures. Concerts, camps, corporate events, and photography for promotional marketing. We're here to help you capture the perfect moment, and share it with the world.

Photography services will launch October 1, and pricing will be available then.  

3. Monthly Marketing Plans

We get the chance to work with a variety of clients on all kinds of different projects each year. But one of the hassles can be the billing process. We typically bill clients after each project, which for some clients can be three or four bills each month. 

Our goal is to simplify that process. So we're launching monthly marketing plans. It's our way of getting you the best bang for your buck, while keeping the paperwork to a minimum. 

The process is simple. You pick a monthly design plan that best fits your needs. That plan will guarantee you a certain number of projects each month that our team will bring to life for you. The plan will included revisions, formatting, and deliverables. And we'll have all different levels of plans to suit whatever your budget might be.

At the end of the month you'll receive one bill. And it will be the same each month. If you need to add an additional project during a month, that's easy. We'll add it to the calendar, and bill it with your monthly plan at the end of the month.

Simple. Affordable. And guaranteed. Once you pick a plan, you'll lock in your monthly price for 12 months. 

Monthly Marketing Plan pricing will be available November 1, and we'll begin building plans for you on November 15. 

We can't wait for you and your team to take advantage of these new services we're offering. Josh and I love working with all of our clients, and we can't wait to bring you into the AHD family. 

If you have questions about any of these new services, or would like to talk with us about putting together a project for you, head over to the Contact Us page. We'd love to hear from you! 

- Alex