Every now and then I get the chance to do a photo shoot. Some of them are pretty standard (and by standard I don't mean boring or unartistic). But some of them are very unique. 

This week I had the opportunity to do a really unique shoot with a good friend, Neil Hinders. Neil is the Student Worship Pastor at Connection Pointe Church in Brownsburg, IN. He's a super talented guy with a beautiful ability to lead students into worship. 

Neil and I are in the process of working on a side project with some friends of ours, and we needed some new photos of Neil for it. Because this shoot was more about having fun than delivering an end product, I decided to try a couple of unique techniques. I knew I wanted a white backdrop, but I didn't want a plan white surface. So I asked a friend of mine if I could use their garage door. 

I didn't just want a white backdrop because I like white backdrops though. I needed something I could project on. I wanted to project a variety of images across Neil and the backdrop, to add a dramatic and unique effect to an otherwise flat shoot. This gave us a different kind of texture and pixelation that we couldn't achieve otherwise. The projection technique came together much better than I originally anticipated. 

The other tactic I pulled out of the bag was the loved long exposure shot. With the combination of low external light, Neil rotating his body a few times, and the long exposure we were able to capture some really cool pieces.

Overall I'm really happy with how this shoot came together. Below is a sample of photos from the shoot. We'll be uploading the full shoot to the portfolio in the next few weeks!