While working in southern Indiana, I had the privilege of working with and getting to know a worship leader named Tyler Cockrum. Tyler is in a word, (maybe two) insanely gifted. Tyler grew up at the church we worked at, and spent the summer working as our worship intern. 

Beyond Tyler's gifting as a worship leader, he's a wonderfully gifted writer. He attends Vanguard University in California where he's studying to be a pastor, but more importantly a world changer. 

While at Vanguard, Tyler has been a part of From The Vine Music, which is a collective of worship leaders and artists who attend Vanguard. From The Vine just released their latest album, Made New and Tyler had the chance to help write, sing on, and produce the album. 

Tyler shared the album with me the day in came out, and I immediately took a listen. Wow. My heart melted as I heard these students pour out their soles through song. Super powerful moment I had in my office. 

I was drawn to a song that Tyler helped co-write and is featured on. "Nearer Thank I Know." This track has simply wrecked my heart in the last few days. For some reason I just haven't stopped listening to it. It's been playing over and over again in my head...one set of lyrics specifically...

Though my heart may wander//
And though my feet will stumble//
You are working through it all//

I just can't move past how beautiful and true and life-giving those lyrics are. So I decided to start designing something based around them. That's how I process things the best. And that turned into this. 

I'm excited to be offering this design as the latest free iPhone wallpaper from Alex Holt Design. Once you download it, you should check out the new From The Vine Music album. And you can learn more about Vanguard University as well. 

Enjoy the download!

I love helping people capture great photos that showcase their love as a couple. Sometimes it's engagement photos. Sometimes its wedding photos. But sometimes it's just a photoshoot with a couple...because they need some more recent photos. 

My good friends Brian and Anne came to me needing some new photos for their adoption portfolio. And I was so happy to help them. We wanted to capture a couple of different photo sets. The first being some great shots of them at their home. I had this vision of this wide shot of them in front of their home, as a "Welcome to our family" shot for their adoption portfolio. We also wanted to capture some fall-esque shots for the portfolio, but also just to have. 

The shoot went great. The weather was perfect. And overall we were able to put together some awesome photos. Enjoy the preview below. You'll be able to see the entire shoot later this week! 

Have you ever know somebody who has a huge heart, a contagious smile, and is all around a great person? I've know a handful in my life. One of them is my friend Doug. I got to meet and work with Doug while I was on staff at Connection Pointe. He's an incredible musician, and a gifted writer. No matter where you see him...on stage, backstage, or in a crowd of people...you can't help but smile!

Doug approached me about shooting some new promotional photos for the book he published last year, "Time Capsule 56." I was honored to give Doug a hand. We wanted to capture a couple of different looks and style, while keeping Doug's personality at the center of it all. 

This was an awesome photoshoot. I'm excited to get the rest of the shots up in the next couple weeks. But for now, here are a few of my favorites! 

You can purchase a copy of "Time Capsule 56" HERE, and learn more about Doug via TWITTER.

A good friend of mine recently approached me about shooting some photos of her and her friends. They have been best friends for a long time, and they are all about to enter a new stage of life. The girls wanted to capture some quick photos to have as a keepsake of their amazing friendship. 

This was a quick shoot and a quick turnaround, but the final shots came out great! We used a local park, and while I wish the leaves had a little bit more color to them, the location was awesome. Overall, another great photoshoot for the AHD team. We really enjoyed working with this group of ladies, and hope they enjoy the photos as much as we do! 



Every now and then I get the chance to do a photo shoot. Some of them are pretty standard (and by standard I don't mean boring or unartistic). But some of them are very unique. 

This week I had the opportunity to do a really unique shoot with a good friend, Neil Hinders. Neil is the Student Worship Pastor at Connection Pointe Church in Brownsburg, IN. He's a super talented guy with a beautiful ability to lead students into worship. 

Neil and I are in the process of working on a side project with some friends of ours, and we needed some new photos of Neil for it. Because this shoot was more about having fun than delivering an end product, I decided to try a couple of unique techniques. I knew I wanted a white backdrop, but I didn't want a plan white surface. So I asked a friend of mine if I could use their garage door. 

I didn't just want a white backdrop because I like white backdrops though. I needed something I could project on. I wanted to project a variety of images across Neil and the backdrop, to add a dramatic and unique effect to an otherwise flat shoot. This gave us a different kind of texture and pixelation that we couldn't achieve otherwise. The projection technique came together much better than I originally anticipated. 

The other tactic I pulled out of the bag was the loved long exposure shot. With the combination of low external light, Neil rotating his body a few times, and the long exposure we were able to capture some really cool pieces.

Overall I'm really happy with how this shoot came together. Below is a sample of photos from the shoot. We'll be uploading the full shoot to the portfolio in the next few weeks! 

Graduating high school was by far one of the greatest accomplishments of my adolescence. There's a couple of reasons for that. The biggest being that I hated school, especially high school. I wasn't the kind of kid who was really good at math, science, or any of those fancy educational disciplines. So naturally, I didn't enjoy them. If it had't been for the opportunity to take a TV Broadcasting class my junior and senior year, I might not have made it through high school. 

But I did, thankfully. And to celebrate, I did what every senior in high school does. I had senior pictures taken. I thought at first I was just doing it because it's what I was supposed to do...and because my mom made me. But then I realized a few years later that there was a greater significance as to why people have senior pictures taken. They may not realize it, or have ever thought about it like this. But it's a chance to capture a person as they are in a defining moment in their lives. Then you look back on those photos and can remember the accomplishment of graduating high school. 

That's why I love photography. Because I get to capture a single moment in time that is to be kept and cherished and remembered forever. And it's with that sentiment that: Alex Holt Design is opening our schedule and starting to book Senior Photo Sessions! 

Booking for Senior Photo Sessions will be available starting October 20, and will run all the way through April of 2015. We've tried to make it extremely convienent for you to book a session. You can head over to the Contact page on our website, and start the process of booking your photo shoot. 

We've also tried to build a pricing platform that's simple and easy to understand. No hidden fees. No additional charges. What you see on the website is what your bill will say. You can check out all of the pricing packages below, and you can also find them on the Pricing page. 

We look forward to capturing your senior photos for you! 

Pricing Option 1 - $150

This includes a one hour shoot at a single location with up to two outfits. You'll receive up to 20 edited photos, delivered digitally via the Alex Holt Design SmugMug account (which allows you to order custom prints).

Pricing Option 2 - $250

This includes a two hour shoot at up to two locations with up to four outfits. You'll receive up to 25 edited photos, delivered digitally via the Alex Holt Design SmugMug account (which allows you to order custom prints).

Pricing Option 3 - $400

This includes a three hour shoot at up to three locations with up to six outfits. You'll receive up to 35 edited photos, delivered via a customized Alex Holt Design flash drive, as well as digitally via the Alex Holt Design SmugMug account (which allows you to order custom prints).

Pricing Option 4 - $550

This includes a four hour shoot at up to four locations with up to eight outfits. You'll receive up to 50 edited photos, delivered via a customized Alex Holt Design flash drive, as well as digitally via the Alex Holt Design SmugMug account (which allows you to order custom prints).