Neil Hinders Photoshoot

Neil Hinders is the Student Worship and Creative Director at Connection Pointe. We are currently working on a new website for Neil as part of another project we're working on, and we needed some new photos for his site. We wanted to capture photos that went beyond him leading worship on stage. And we wanted to experiment with a couple of cool techniques.

The shoot took place at our friends house. Their white garage provided the perfect backdrop. It was white, which we needed for the projection element, but it gave us some texture to work with as well. 

We start shooting just as the sun was setting, and we captured some dramatic lighting shots of Neil. But once the sun set the real fun began. We utilized a projector to project various images across Neil and the backdrop. No additional light was used. And for a few shots we utilized a fog machine to add an extra element. 

To help create some mystery in a few shots we utilized some long exposure techniques. Those combined with the smoke and projection created a very unique shoot. And we couldn't be happier with the results!