CMLE Branding and Website Design

The team from CMLE (Childrens Ministry Leader Experience) approached us with a branding dilemma. They are a pretty young conference for Children's Ministry Leaders across the country. Since they're creation they've never really had a brand, just a website with some basic information on it. Our task was to create a brand that emphasized the idea of connection and community. That's what the conference is really built around. So we set out and put together a couple of different options for the team, and ultimately landed on what you see here.

Once we had nailed the brand down we needed to create a new website that provided functionality, brand integration, and easy maintenance. CMLE already had a hosting package with Wordpress setup, so we decided to continue using that platform and built a customized solution for them. It's a simple, single-page parallax website that provides all of the key information on one page. You can learn about the conference and theme, see what people have to say, register for the conference and your hotel, and contact them with any questions. All from one page. And all with an easy to manage backbone powered by Wordpress. 

You can check out the live website here. We loved working with the CMLE team, and we can't wait to help them expand their brand in the future.