My name is Alex, and currently I'm juggling a lot of different titles. Founder of Alex Holt Design. Freelance designer and producer. Co-founder of PLTFORM Group. And a few more. My wife and I live in the Indianapolis area, and it's awesome. I work as an Art Director and Freelance Designer from home. And it's been the best career decision of my (short) life!

I began my journey into the artistic community about eleven years ago. For the longest time, my dad was a communications guy. I never really knew what his title was, but he made videos for the Public Library System. In 2001 he got offered a job at our home church as the Video Director. And on faith he took it. A few years into his journey there was when my journey began. I became so interested in what my dad was doing that I wanted to do the same thing. So I did. Well, I tried too. I would follow my dad around to all of this projects and help whenever I could. 

The day he taught me how to edit, I was hooked. Since then I've been living and breathing the life of an artist. In 2010 I accepted a job at Connection Pointe Church in Brownsburg, IN. It was my home church. It was the place I'd grown up. And it was the place that had taught me so much. 

I came on staff as the Student Production Associate, and in a matter of weeks I was the Video Engineer. Through my time at Connection Pointe I got to work on some amazing projects. For a 19-year-old kid, it was the dream job. 

During those years, I began to do more and more design work. It wasn't really a part of my job, but I loved it and so I figured out how to use it in my job. People started to take notice around the staff, and I started to get plugged into various communications projects. Slowly at first. But as it always happens in a church, things sped up pretty quick. 

Right before my wife and I left that church, I was tasked with creating the key art and design for Connection Pointe's capital campaign, Unstoppable. It was my greatest challenge yet, but it was a defining moment in my design career.

After leaving Connection Pointe, I spent a year as the Communications Director at Northside Christian Church in New Albany, IN. The experience was a great one, and I'm thankful for everything I learned about leadership, design, and art in that year.

For the last four years I've been doing freelance design, and I love it. It allows me the opportunity to help people create art that matters. That was the goal with Alex Holt help people leverage the power of art for something that matters. 

So that's how I got to where I am, in a nutshell. It's been an adventure. And I've loved every part of it.